The Studio & Gallery of Michael Hayes  

Artist, Photographer, Craftsman

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Welcome to my small slice of the WWWWWW! (Use your imagination...)

Imagine for a moment that you’re lounging in my studio, and we’re sharing stories of life over a great cup of coffee. I’m glad you’re here. If you were in my physical home, you’d be in the southern countryside, just outside of Columbia, Tennessee south of Nashville. From an early age, I’ve always had some kind of creative endeavor working    – drawing, painting, photography, auto restoration, architectural design, woodworking, digital imagery and probably a few more. It’s a list that my wife thinks is far too long. Over the years, I’ve studied the work of many painters, architects and photographers, and my home and studio contain some of their works along with my own.

When I consider my artistic vision, I think mostly about light and the energy it represents. Experimentation with light is a real source of joy, and the digital photographic revolution has expanded the possibilities and heightened that joy significantly. Again, thanks for visiting my online space. Enjoy some exploration in the portfolios here.

AND, If you’d like to discuss a collaborative project, use "Contact Me" to start a discussion about your ideas, requirements and timelines, budget, my rates and pricing structure, and anything else that collaboration requires. Think about it!

Use the ‘Contact Me’ form in the Main Menu to email me and let me know you visited. I'd love to work with you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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